EZ Energy Star.

EZ Energy Star

Increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint

Smart Methods

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has become a necessary requirement for buildings, appliances, electronics, and all related products. The energy efficient properties reduce the energy consumption, dependency on fossil fuels, and environment pollution. Manufacturers are considering the energy savings right during the product design phase.

Energy rating

Energy Efficiency ratings

Energy efficiency is helpful in the long term for an area and the nation as a whole. Decades of planning and implementation is in progress for achieving the energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

  • Energy ratings from A to G are given to the products indicating the energy efficiency - 'A' being highest and 'G' being the lowest rating.
  • ENERGY STAR® has become the norm for all products to assure the customers of the energy efficiency.
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) provides an index to determine the energy efficiency of a home. The lower HERS index indicates high energy efficient homes and vice versa.

Energy audits help determine the energy efficiency of a building. Certified inspectors perform energy inspections and assign ratings to the buildings. Modern methods such as white roofs, solar roofs, and energy star roofs are recommended in California and other urban dense population areas.

Local utility companies do suggest remedies to keep the energy consumption low and can give you annual home energy reports. Minor modifications such as using LED bulbs (Light Emmitting Diode bulbs) can result in huge energy savings. For commercial properties, energy efficiency can significantly reduce the energy bills and green house effects. Free tools such as the Portfolio manager and Target finder are available to track the energy consumption over a period of time.

Building Products

Building envelope products are designed and manufactured to result in energy efficient performance. Roofing shingles, siding material, insulation, windows, and so on can improve the energy efficiency of a new construction or remodel. EZ Energy Star can be achieved by using the right weather shielding products for building protection.

EZ Energy Star Building Products

Energy Efficient Building Products

Weather proofing and insulation of walls, ceiling, roof, siding, windows, and so on are crucial for preventing leaks. Certain shingles such as the IKO Cambridge are available in models to increase the energy efficiency. James Hardie Fiber cement siding can increase the overall thermal performance of a building.

EZ Energy Star Building Products

Reducing heat loss with James Hardie siding

Source: James Hardie

Windows, doors, wall joints, chimneys, attic, exhaust fans, skylights, and so on are the major spots for air leaks. These must be sealed properly using EZ Energy Star products for air tight protection. Appropriate building products are thus the first step towards energy efficiency.

HVAC systems also are available in energy efficient models. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of the air conditioning unit gives the energy efficiency of the systems. Portfolio manager and Target finder are some tools that can be used to monitor the energy efficiency of a property.


Modern appliances are built with energy efficient capabilities that result in less power consumption and reduced green house emissions. Saving money in terms of electricity and water bills is possible with EZ Energy Star appliances.

EZ Energy Star Appliances

Energy Efficient Appliances

Refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, microwave, televisions, freezers, air-purifiers, dish washers, and so on are available in energy efficient models. Manufacturers are committing to energy efficieny in the complete chain of delivery including designing, manufacturing, distributing, and delivering the appliances.

EZ Energy Star Appliances Smarthome

Energy Efficient Home Products

Smart appliances have features and capacities superior to the standard appliances. Standard appliances are capable of producing green house emmissions equivalent to vehicles traveling on road. By switching to the EZ Energy Star appliances, consumers are directly taking away equal amount of vehicle emissions off the road. Old appliances can be recycled as well which in turn helps in saving the environment.



Electronics including computers, laptops, macbooks, printers, scanners, computer networks, servers, imaging equipment, monitors, power supplies, phone systems, and so on must be energy efficient. In large facilities with hundreds of devices, the energy savings are significant.

EZ Energy Star Electronics

Energy Efficient Electronics

The EZ GPO from the Energy Star is a free tool for companies to save energy by switching off the monitors at the end of the day. Video streaming, televisions, digital video recorders, and so on are also made to increase energy efficiency.

EZ Energy Star Electronics Laptop

Energy Efficient Gadgets

Simple choices in electronics make difference in the long run. By purchasing the energy efficient electronics, consumers are saving the environment in a large scale. At the time of upgrading, users can select the energy star rated electronics and recycle the old ones.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the MidWest who are experts in installing EZ Energy Star building products, appliances, and electronics. Their special equipment can give you precise details of your property and the professionals can work on your energy saving requirements.

Olde Town Group, a family owned business, is led by Sean Vogler, who has decades of management and business expertise in setting up energy efficient properties. The products and services of Olde Town Group can help in increasing the energy efficiency of your property.

For example, Olde Town Roofing, the roofing division of Olde Town Group installs roofing products that can save energy bills. The products have special coating to prevent energy loss. Special siding material and insulation products are used by Olde Town Group that can prevent heat loss. Solar products and energy efficient lighting can be installed by Olde Town Group.

The range of services from Olde Town Group result in cost savings for a customer during new construction or remodel. Olde Town Group are familiar with energy rebates and tax credits and can suggest related products. Contact Olde Town Group with your requirements to get estimates. Call or text 309-738-5550 for immediate response.